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Practice Areas

Practice Areas
Practice Areas 2016-12-09T00:21:58+00:00

My Experience will provide value especially concerning these issues:

  • Establishment, reorganization and transformation of partnerships and corporations under consideration of the impact on taxes and balance sheet, amongst other things split-up of an enterprise, relationship between interlocking companies, tax effects for companies and partners, advice in economic crises
  • Preparation and modification of articles of incorporation / contracts and manager agreements under consideration of tax and civil law questions
  • Succession to a Business: aspects of civil law and tax law
  • Purchase and sale of a business (Mergers & Acquisitions) with main focus Human Ressources
  • Taxation of income for businesspersons and private persons, Double Taxation Convention (Expatriates)
  • Compensation for executives (benefits), amongst other things old-age pension scheme, stock-options
  • Business’s old-age pension scheme: Tax law, individual labor law, collective labor law and social law,
  • Proceedings for a tax offense
  • Law regulating tax advantages for promotion of public benefits
  • Law governing societies (establishment of non-profit-making societies)
  • Law of contract (preparation, examination, and modifications of contracts in different commercial fields of law; preparation, examination, and alterations of general terms and conditions/German “AGB”s)

Practice Areas

Company Law

Personal and Corporation law: i.a., BGB company, partnership, OHG, KG, GmbH (Ltd), AG (joint-stock company)

Company Law

Personal and corporation law: BGB-company, OHG, KG, GmbH, AG

Counseling and litigation for companies, shareholders, and institutions (managing director, chairman)

Tax Law

e.g. Corporation tax, business tax, income tax, VAT, inheritance tax

International Tax Law

Foreign Tax Act,
Double taxation agreements,
income Tax
inheritance tax

Business Law

Business Law, Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Sales, Corporate Succession

Commercial Law

Accounting Law, Law of merchants, Commercial agent law

Intellectual Property

Competition law (unfair competition)

Intellectual Property

Trademark, Design Law, Utility Model Law, Copyright Law